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Ithuluzi le-GD35 lensimbi lokubopha elingenasici

Ithuluzi le-GD35 lensimbi lokubopha elingenasici
Umkhiqizo: CHTPAK
Product Usage: Widely used in paper, aluminum, steel, wood, chemical fiber, logistics, metal and other industries


Ithuluzi le-GD35 lensimbi lokubopha elingenasici

izici Product:
1, easy to use, light weight, no need for external power
2,no need for fasteners, adopting double pole force-increasing structure, hight reliability Connection
3,strong tightening force, special structural design, easy to achieve the tightening and beating of heavy-duty packaging
4,the body and components are made of high-strength alloy materials and engineering plastics, durable;
5, high safety performance, fatigue free design

Imingcele yomkhiqizo

Umkhiqizo: CHTPAK Isilinganiso: 400x100x330mm
Name: GD35 manual steel sealless strapping tool Sealing form: YINYANG buckle
Ibhande: insimbi Isisindo: 4.5kgs
Ububanzi bebhande: 12.7-19mm Max. tension force: 70% - 80% of the maximum tensile force of steel band
Ubukhulu bebhande: 0.38-0.7mm

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