خبریںلوڈہم سے رابطہ کریں

تمام کیٹگریز

کارپوریٹ کلچر

  • مشن

    Innovation, Efficiency, Automation and Liberation of Human Productivity

  • واقفیت

    comprehensive industry packaging solutions supplier

  • بنیادی اقدار

    Confidence, Integrity, Efficiency and Win-win

  • ویژن

    Reliable Industrial Packaging Partners

  • کاروباری فلسفہ

    صارفین کے لئے قدر پیدا کریں اور شراکت داروں کو ان کے خوابوں کو سمجھنے میں مدد کریں

  • ٹیلنٹ کا تصور

    احترام اور اشتراک ، سادگی اور ارتکاز ، تعاون اور ترقی

CHTPAK Brand Interpretation

ChuangHang Technology PAK

C- china  H- hunan  T-Tech

ChuangHang : Company Name    

Technology : Company attribute  

PAK : Industry product attribute

  • C - china

    Goal: To be a century industrial packaging solutions supplier
    Orientation: Concentration on lifelong learning, quality and service of strapping equipment

  • H - hunan

    Goal: To be a honorable enterprise for serving packaging industries home and abroad
    Orientation: Honest business, creating value for customers and helping partners realize their dreams

  • T - Tech

    Goal: To be technology leader and leading packaging trend
    Orientation: Concentration on R&D, innovation and automation of strapping equipment