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JDC13/16 ప్లాస్టిక్ ఎలక్ట్రిక్ స్ట్రాపింగ్ టూల్స్

JDC13/16  Plastic Electric strapping tools

Model: JDC13/16 Plastic Electric strapping tools 

బ్రాండ్: CHTPAK

Product Usage: High-quality and strong alloy to meet the needs of electric packaging in various industries

Product advantages: small and portable, wider range of use, brand after-sales guarantee


JDC 13/16

Plastic Electric strapping tools

Potable / firm friction sealing / strong tension / large objects strapping / large-capacity battery / brand after-sales guarantee

ఉత్పత్తి ఫోటోలు

ఉత్పత్తి లక్షణాలు

High-quality and strong alloy, strong tension, large objects strapping, battery-charging &power storage, Energy-saving & environmental protection

01 Paint-free shell

The shell is made of nylon PA6 with good tenacity and high strength. It is made by one-time grinding, so it is more wear-resistant, color is natural and fadeless.

02 Large-capacity battery

4000MA large-capacity battery, two motors for one tool, more convenient and durable for outdoor work.

03 Hand-made cutter

Hand-made cutter, high strength alloy steel, sharper cutter edge, fast cutting speed, neat notch

04 Small and potable

Potable electric strapping tool, one-hand grip, easy to use, high efficiency, one-button hot-melt sealing

ఉత్పత్తి వివరాలు

Our innovation can be found in every detail

01 Anti-skid handle

adopting ergonomics for the handle , the surface is concave and convex. It not only feels comfortable, but also improves friction and is also easier to grasp.

02 Adjustable crew

Sealing time and tension force can be adjusted according to straps quality and size.

03 Hand-made cutter

Imported hand-made cutter, high strength alloy steel, sharper cutter edge, fast cutting speed, neat notch

04 LED signals

Blue LED: tool in work

blinking Red LED: low battery

Purple LED: finishing work

05 Easy operation

When the straps is ready, press the tension button to tighten and loosen properly. Then press the welding button to weld. Do not loosen the button during the welding process

06 Convenient release lever

The release lever is located directly below the handle of the machine, which is convenient for adjustment and straps release during packing process, also improves efficiency and saves time.

07 Coreless motor

adopting coreless rotor for the motor, so it is of stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, also improves the control and driving performance of the machine.

08 Charging hole & power switch

Convenient charging hole design, charge-and-use, lightweight, when tool is full of power, it can be used in no power field, wide usage.

ఉత్పత్తి పారామితులు

Model: JDC13/16 పట్టీ మందం: 0.4-1.2mm
Name: portable electric strapping tool Welding time: 2-5S
బ్రాండ్: CHTPAK Tension: 60-2800N
పట్టీలు: PET, PP Weight (including battery): 3.34kgs
ఛార్జింగ్ సమయం: సుమారు 90 నిమిషాలు Size(length*width*height): 360*140*130mm
పట్టీ వెడల్పు: 13-16mm వోల్టేజ్: 11.1V


విస్తృత శ్రేణి అనువర్తనాలు

Easy operation, time and labor saving

Brick / solar / steel / electronics

Automobile accessory / building materials / wood / glass

Aluminium / copper / cotton / fiber

సంబంధిత ఉత్పత్తి