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Ndezvipi zvidhinha kurongedza mashandisiro Mashine Mashini?

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With the development of society, people value the progress of life quality, and young people are not willing to do heavy physical labor. It is very difficult for many brick factories with high labor intensity to recruit people, and the mobility is very large after recruitment, which is a good proof.In addition, China is gradually entering the aging society, which makes the application of automation and mechanization in brick factories become the inevitable trend of the development of tunnel kiln brick factories in the future.

Secondly, profit is the original intention of an enterprise to build a factory.Before, the labor force is abundant and the cost is low, the enterprise can employ a large number of labor force to complete the brick factory code blank, code kiln, unloading brick and other heavy physical labor, because of the Hunan Chuangli Packaging Co., Ltd. electric baler OR-T260 will increase the construction investment cost, increase the investment payback period, many brick factories do not use.

Now, with the nation's population making a profit, the cost of labor in brick factories has risen sharply, and the use of human packaging is not only expensive, but also less efficient than machines.


The following annual design capacity of 50 million (standard brick) as an example to explain the difference between artificial and mechanical code blank:
A. Manual coding is required to work two shifts A day, each shift is necessary for about 12 hours, A total of 24 hours, the average annual salary per person is calculated at 20,000 yuan, the total annual salary of 24 people is 480,000 yuan;
B. The one-time investment of electric baler and other auxiliary facilities is about 100,000 yuan;Each shift has 5 people, 10 people in total, with an average annual salary of 20,000 yuan per person, and a total annual salary of 200,000 yuan for 6 people.The maintenance cost of mechanical wastage is free in the first year, and about 10,000 yuan a year after that.The first year cost of using OR-T260 packer from Hunan Chuangli Packing Co., Ltd is about 280,000 yuan.
C. It can be seen from A and B that the use of mechanical billet coding machine can save about 170,000 yuan per year compared with manual billet coding.If the one-time equipment investment of manual code blank is removed again, almost one year, the one-time investment of OR-T260 can be recovered, and its economic benefits can be immediate.
D, in addition, the use of artificial code billet is particularly affected by people, once the code billet workers strike or slow down, will inevitably affect the smooth progress of production tension, resulting in brick factory boss occasionally waiting by the code billet workers constraints;And the use of mechanical automatic code billet machine because the labor intensity of workers is particularly low, workers are relatively easy to find, there will be no such effect.
To sum up, the application of electric baler in brick factory is not only very special, but also very economic and practical.


Automatic baling machine
1: Correct, ensure the packaging result
Tightening force can be easily adjusted according to customer requirements and is displayed on the control panel in real time, the accuracy is controlled within ±5% of the adjustment parameter, so that the packing belt always has the tension holding force required by the packing result on the appearance of the goods.
2: Cut downtime
① Unnecessary adjustment
ZL3000s can cope with the production of different brick types without any adjustment to the head, saving precious time.
② Automatic repeated belt
If the tape feeding fails, ZL3000S will automatically handle the fault, automatically take back the packing tape and send it again.
③ easier to repair and maintain
With fewer moving parts and more durable wear parts, the ZL3000s are cost-effective and easier to service.Untrained workers can also perform quick grooving cleaning and nose replacement without tools for off-line maintenance by technicians.
④ Quick replacement of the nose
In order to ensure the continuous stability of production, any module of ZL3000S head can be quickly exchanged in stage between No. 1 machine and No. 2 machine, so that the utilization rate of the two equipment is evenly distributed.
⑤ change the belt is convenient and fast
The tape truck can load 330KG large volume of packing belt, which greatly reduces the frequency of changing the tape and reduces the waste of the packing belt.
3: easy maintenance
A. The installation and connection of the equipment group are very simple
B. Design with as few movable parts as possible and more durable wear parts
C. No belts, clutch assemblies and adjusters
D. The motors are brushless and maintenance-free
E. Wear a durable belt