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Comparație de presă PP semi-automată și presă PP complet automată

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Now all the transportation industry is inseparable from packaging, all the goods out of the need to be packaged, and then after a long time of transportation.There is no doubt that a good packaging can make products in the hearts of customers, but also make customers feel better.What about automatic baler or semi-automatic baler?

Fully automatic packing machine is mainly aimed at the assembly line, fully automatic packing machine without artificial thrust belt, triggered equinoctial, manual, play, the ball switch, foot switch, photoelectric switch, automatic mode, as long as the products reach the designated position touch the induction switch, can automatically packing, fast and convenient, suitable for mass production with the single machine, automatic conveyer belt on collocation, can realize unmanned automatic strapping, greatly save manpower, reduce the cost.The packing belt strapping position is fixed, neat and beautiful, the speed is extremely fast, improve the packing rate, and reduce waste, but also save costs.But the automatic baler has a gantry frame, your product must be within the scope of the frame can be used, and the semi-automatic baler does not need to consider the size of the problem can be used.

Semi-automatic baler, need to manually insert the packing belt, after the insertion of the packing belt, the packing belt will automatically complete, glue, cut off, out of the process.Because every product need manual operation, so not suitable for mass production, but small semi-automatic models, cheap, simple operation, demand for tape is not high, can adapt to all kinds of tape, but fully automatic packing machine have a framework of your product must be within the scope of the framework can be used, and semi-automatic strapping machine does not need to consider the size of the basic can be used.

The advantages of semi-automatic baler and fully automatic baler are here. The choice of packaging machinery should be combined with its own consideration, and the price is only one of the factors.

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