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Electric baler purchase due to pay attention to what points?

Tidspunkt: 2021-03-22 Treff: 15

There are many types of electric balers on the market before the existence of each model has its different parameters and different advantages, so, when we choose a packaging machine should be considered from what aspects?

The first thing to consider is the material, width and thickness of the packing tape currently in use.For different packaging products, different types of packaging tape will be used.At the same time, the packaging belt specifications will be different, so the first consideration is these three points.Limit the scope of the baler according to the packaging belt you use.

Then consider the usual amount of packaging, according to the amount of packaging required to select the electric baler.The electric baler will set a value difference in the battery.Some models have only one battery, while others have two.At the same time, some balers use different battery cells and battery capacity, so this aspect is also very important.

In addition, the budget for the electric baler is also very important.At present, the price of the baler on the market from several hundred to tens of thousands of uneven, the price gap is relatively large, so before choosing the baler to determine their own budget will save a lot of time.

Finally, there are some special parameters that should be taken into account.For example, some production workshops are very strict with the control of noise, so this aspect has to be taken into account.There are some special industries, the explosion-proof requirements for balers are also particularly high.In addition, there are some factors such as the acceptable humidity of the machine, the machine cannot contain some other metals and so on.

The factors that should be considered in choosing electric baler are roughly these points. I hope it will be helpful for you to consider baler later.

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