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Murstein automatisk emballasjeutstyr er enkelt å bruke? Svaret er nei

Tidspunkt: 2021-03-04 Treff: 19

Brick automatic packaging equipment is easy to use?The answer is no
With the rapid development of national economy in the brick and tile industry, the competition in the brick and tile industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Many brick and tile enterprises are scrambling to find ways to reduce labor costs. For brick and tile enterprises, in the process of production, the main cost plate is electricity fee and labor cost of brick workers.


It is because of this situation that many customers are in a hurry, want to truly achieve unmanned automation packaging equipment, so that you can reduce costs to achieve a certain market cost.Here and the majority of users analyze why the use of automatic equipment is not recommended.

In fact, in the development of automatic packaging equipment, the most perplexing reason for our production enterprises is the automatic palletizing, which is not impossible to achieve but caused by the defects of our brick and tile enterprises' customers.


1. The stickiness of bricks and tiles. After the bricks and tiles are sintered through the semi-finished products, there will be stickiness between the upper and lower parts of the raw materials with clay after sintering, which will lead to the obstruction of the front palletizing and lead to the subsequent failure to continue;
2. The deformation rate of bricks and tiles is large after sintering at high temperature, and the difference between bricks and bricks is large, which leads to the falling off of palletizer in clamping.
3. The damage rate of bricks and tiles. After sintering, due to the instability of raw materials, the strength of bricks and tiles will be insufficient and the damage will occur in the clamping, leading to the disjointed automatic packaging mode in the later stage.

The above is the main cause of automatic packaging equipment in the brick industry is not very suitable for use at present;So at present, the most important way to reduce labor costs is to use hanging basket automatic packing equipment to meet the requirements of production capacity and strong adaptability.