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Ердийн ажлын зохион байгуулалтыг хойшлуулсан боодол тасралтгүй ажиллагаагүй болсонд гомдсоор байна уу?

Цаг: 2021-01-27 Үзсэн: 16

In fact, the machine is just like us, work for a long time will also get a variety of strange diseases, continuous overload work who can not bear, continuous work, continuous wear and tear caused by various problems of the machine, can not work properly, finally lead to your work is not smooth, only increase your trouble; In fact, it is not difficult to effectively control this kind of fault method, the machine is like us to adjust, to regular maintenance;Because the overall working environment of the brick factory is more complex, dust, impurities, particles and so on into the machine to continue to work is more likely to aggravate the wear of several important parts of the machine, so, this time the maintenance of the machine is particularly important,Chuangli packaging provides operators with the following simple maintenance methods: 1. OR-T260 is designed with a blow hole at the bottom of the right side of the machine. When alternating shifts every day, it only needs to use the air gun to aim at the position of the hole and blow out the impurities such as brick debris, belt debris and dust inside the machine, so as to avoid the hard particles aggravating the machine wear and sticking. 2. Unscrew four screws to open the black guard plate on the left front of the machine, and then remove the tightening wheel and tooth plate with a wire brush to clean the impurities such as debris on it, so as to avoid the impurities such as debris that cause the machine to slip, and the packing belt can not be tightened; 3, each machine please try to avoid more than 12 hours of continuous work, long-term high load state will undoubtedly aggravate the wear degree of the internal motor; 4, the machine is idle, please pull out the battery, be sure to put in a dry place; Of course, only this is not enough, we suggest that you use the machine for 3 months or so to send to the after-sales department for a major maintenance of your machine Oh, professional team will have a dedicated staff to clean and hidden trouble detection!So when choosing machines, after-sales problems also need to be taken into account! Pay attention!!Be sure to maintain it regularly!In this way, the service life of the machine can be extended and hidden dangers can be eliminated.