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B19 Portable pneumatic strapping tool

B19 Portable pneumatic strapping tool

Model: B19 Plastic pneumatic strapping tools  


Product Usage: portable, meeting pneumatic packing requirements for various industries

Product advantages: light weight, high tension force, easy operation

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pneumatic plastic strapping tool

High efficiency / firm friction welding / large objects strapping/ high tension force / high-quality alloy

Фотографии на производот

Функција на производот

01 Portable and simple

No need packing buckles, saving cost, high-power cylinder, convenient use

02 Hardness and durability

With high-quality metals for the machine structure, reliable design and advanced manufacturing technology

03 Adopting high-quality alloy

With high-quality metals for the machine structure, reliable design and advanced manufacturing technology so that the machine has high durability.  

04 High-power cylinder

Due to high-power cylinder so that it has high tension force, Easily realize the tightening and strapping of heavy packages such as bricks and steel

Детали за производот

01 Portable design

02 Anti-fake code

03 high-quality alloy

04 Adjustable operating button

05 лесна работа

06 Air tube joint 

07 Reversible switch

08 Fixed cutting blade  

09 High-power cylinder

10 Special silencer 

Параметри на производот

Model: B19 (semi-automatic) Ленти: ПЕТ, ПП
Name: portable pneumatic strapping tool  Ширина на ременот: 13-19мм
Бренд: CHTPAK Дебелина на ременот: 0.5-1.2 mm
Joint type: sealing Макс. Тензија: 3200N
Structure: compression air Тежина: 3.82 кг
Големина (должина * ширина * висина): 280 * 160 * 180мм Форма на запечатување: заварување со триење


Various industries as below:

Стакло / градежни материјали / алуминиумски жици 

влакна / оска / алуминиум од инготи

Battery / cartons / bricks

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