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JD13/16 Utauta whitiki hiko kawe

JD13/16  Portable Electric strapping tools

Model: JDC13/16 Plastic Electric strapping tools  

Waitohu: CHTPAK

Product Usage: various applications for brick, wood case, stone, steel, cotton, tobacco, metals etc.

Product advantages: High-quality and strong alloy, high tension, firm friction welding



strapping tools for Outdoor Packing

Portable battery powered / safety / high efficiency / convenient 

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āhuatanga hua

easy operation, Energy-saving & environmental protection, long life performance

01 Simple appearance and easy operation

Easy to use, high safety performance, press the welding button until the strapping band is cut off, the work is finished.

02 Lightweight frame, only 3.2 kgs

Convenient moving, high degree of automation, wide range of applications

No any buckles, friction hot welding, firm and beautiful notch

03 Strong tension

It has strong tightening force and special structure design. It can easily tighten and pack heavy packages such as steel and aluminium etc.

04 High-quality welding motor

adopting coreless rotor for the motor, so it is of stable operation and also improves the driving performance and welding force of the machine.

05 Ngakau

the body and components of the machine are made of high quality alloy and engineering plastics. With reliable design and advanced manufacturing technology, the machine has high durability, 

06 Paahiko panui

Using rechargeable battery, environmental protection and energy-saving, green-tech and power-saving, saving the cost of battery replacement and improving production efficiency

Taipitopito hua

Bring about the quality experience with high efficiency from various aspect

01 He kakau whakamaarama me te pahekeheke

adopting ergonomics for the handle , brushed surface, It not only feels comfortable, but also improves friction and is also easier to grasp.02

02 High-quality alloy

Te tango i nga konganuku kounga teitei mo te hanganga miihini, te pakeke teitei, te waahi pumau o te whitiki whakakakahu o mua kia kore ai e rere atu, e taka atu ranei te whitiki taake.

03 Adjustable crew

Sealing time and tension force can be adjusted according to straps quality and size.

04 LED signals

Blue LED: tool in work

blinking Red LED: low battery

Purple LED: finishing work

05 Convenient release lever

The release lever is located directly below the handle of the machine, which is convenient for adjustment and straps release during packing process, also improves efficiency and saves time.

06 Coreless motor

adopting coreless rotor for the motor, so it is of stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, also improves the control and driving performance of the machine.

Tautuhinga Hua

Model: JD13/16 Strap thickness: 0.5-1.0mm, 0.5-1.2mm
Name: portable electric strapping tool Battery: Li battery 3.0A/H12VCD
Waitohu: CHTPAK Te Kaha Rawa: 2800N
Size(length*width*height): 340*130*118mm Weight (including battery): 3.2kgs
Charging time: around 90 min.for 100-220 times Battery life: 2000 times
Nga here: PET, PP Charger:100V-245CAC-60HZ DC 12.6V=4.0A
Te whanui o te whitiki: 13-16mm Sealing: friction welding


Te whānui o nga tono

Easy operation, time and labor saving

Brick / solar / steel / electronics

Automobile accessory / building materials / wood / glass

Aluminium / copper / cotton / fiber

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