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Mpiaro zoron-taratasy, mpiaro zorony taratasy, mpiaro zorony taratasy miendrika L

Model: L-shaped paper corner protector  

Marika: CHTPAK 

Product Usage: Protect the edge of goods, support goods, strong compression and bending type

Product advantages: environmental protection, reinforcement, durability, customizable


Karazana vokatra

Paper corner protector

High-quality, Compression resistance, Moisture-proof

Paper corner protector is formed by pressing kraft paper

Strong pressure resistance / Wear-resisting / Attractive Packages / Fixed without falling off / Automatic bonding / easy operation / Multilayer Composite / support printing / low price / lightweight

Product tsipiriany

ct product edges / Protect the Edge of Furniture

Applications for cartons

Protect the edges of aluminium, non-woven, circular products

Product parameters

Paper corner protector parameters

It can be customized according to different specifications and requirements of customers.

Size: 50mm*50mm*5mm*2000mm

Application: goods transportation / goods storage

Mifandraisa aminay
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