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DD19A Portable Electric strapping tools, portable PET strapping tools

Model: DD19A Plastic Electric strapping tools  

Preču zīme: CHTPAK

Product Usage: strong tension, meeting electric packing requirements for various industries

Product advantages: one step packing, automatic tension, automatic welding, automatic cutting



Battery powered plastic strapping tool

Imported components / large objects strapping / strong tension / High-quality and strong alloy/
battery powered / after-sales guarantee

Produkta funkcijas

01 Tension upgrade

Strong tension, the max. Tension force is up to 6000N, it reaches the international level

02 No need buckles

Adopting friction welding, finishing tension, sealing and cutting at one timeBand-free design

03 High-quality alloy materials

With high quality alloy materials, reliable design and advanced manufacturing technology, the machine has high durability. 

04 Imported parts

Imported circuit board, tension button and welding button, with dual battery configuration, operation is stable and products are more mature.  

05 Digital Screen

Tension and welding adjustment can be displayed on the screen, it’s more visual and the performance will be more stable 


Bring about the quality experience with high efficiency from various aspects

01 Insulative and anti-skid handle

adopting ergonomics for the handle , brushed surface, It not only feels comfortable, but also improves friction and is also easier to grasp.

02 Welding time and tension

Press button F to carry out the tension and button F2 to carry out the welding.

03 High-quality alloy

Adopting high-quality metals for the machine structure, high hardness, fixed point of front packing belt to prevent the packing belt from running off or falling off

04 Vienkārša darbība

Press the tension button with right thumb until the packing band is fully tightened, and then press the welding button until the packing band is completely welded.

05 Large capacity battery

It is convenient to use large capacity battery and can pack 80-200 straps after one-time charging, dual battery configuration

Produkta parametri

Model: DD19A Max.tension: 6000N
Name: portable electric strapping tool (with 2 batteries) Weight (excluding battery): 3.66kgs
Size(length*width*height): 340*120*150mm Battery weight: 0.5kgs
Charging time: around 90 min for 120-200 straps Battery life: 2000 times more
Straps: PET, PP Sealing time: 2-5S
Siksnas platums: 11-19mm Jauda: 3KW
Siksnas biezums: 0.5-1.2 mm Sealing form: friction welding


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