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Portable DD19A Electric strapping instrumenta, tools parare rectos portable DELICIUM

Model: DD19A Plastic Electric strapping tools  


Product Usu: tensio fortis, electrica testimonii sarcina pro variis necessitatibus industries

Product advantages: one step packing, automatic tension, automatic welding, automatic cutting



Powered altilium plastic instrumentum strapping

Imported components / large objects strapping / strong tension / High-quality and strong alloy/
battery powered / after-sales guarantee

Product Features

01 Tension upgrade

Strong tension, the max. Tension force is up to 6000N, it reaches the international level

02 No need buckles

Adopting friction welding, finishing tension, sealing and cutting at one timeBand-free design

03 High-quality alloy materials

With high quality alloy materials, reliable design and advanced manufacturing technology, the machine has high durability. 

04 Imported parts

Imported circuit board, tension button and welding button, with dual battery configuration, operation is stable and products are more mature.  

05 Digital Screen

Solutiora optulerunt tensio et temperatio potest ostendi ex screen, quod suus 'magis visual et post experimentum malorum firmior et perficiendi 

Product details

Bring about the quality experience with high efficiency from various aspects

I Insulative et anti-LABOR cantharus ansa

ut facerent usi ergonomics juxta manubrium gracilem stringet superficiem, non non sentit comfortable, sed etiam frictionem improves quoque facillimus ut possit oratio.

02 Welding time and tension

Press button F to carry out the tension and button F2 to carry out the welding.

II High quality stannum,

Inito summus species metallorum apparatus ad structuram, princeps duritiam, certum punctum sarcina ante balteum ne sarcina off balteum ex currit et procidens off

Securus operatio 04

Press the tension button with right thumb until the packing band is fully tightened, and then press the welding button until the packing band is completely welded.

05 Large capacity battery

It is convenient to use large capacity battery and can pack 80-200 straps after one-time charging, dual battery configuration

productum parametri

Model: DD19AMax.tension: 6000N
Nomen: portable electrica strapping instrumentum (per II batteries)Weight (excluding battery): 3.66kgs
Magnitudine (longitudo, latitudo, altitudo) 340 * * 120 150mmBattery weight: 0.5kgs
Charging time: around 90 min for 120-200 strapsBattery life: 2000 times more
Lora tumentis: CARUS, PSealing time: 2-5S
Width me factus est: 11 19mm,Virtus; 3KW
Crassitudine me factus est: 0.5 1.2mm,Obsignans formam: friction glutino


Latum range de applications

Subigens tene / solaris / ferro / electronics

Automobile accessory / aedificationem materiae / lignum / speculo

Aluminium / aeris / bombacio / alimentorum fibra

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