ការកសាងក្រុមនៅថ្ងៃទី ២០-២០ - ២១

ពេលវេលា: 2019-10-08 ទស្សនា: 150

Wugong Mountain Hiking
From Sep.20 to 21, HUNAN CHUANGHANG TECH group conduct a two-day team-building activity - Wugong Mountain hiking. Although this is my first time to climb Wugong Mountain and the whole trip is around 8 hours, I feel so easy and pleasure. No one flinched and all successfully reached the top of Wugong Mountain.

Wugong Mountain has been chosen by Taoism and Buddhism as a place of self-cultivation. Since the Tang and Song Dynasties, many famous scholars who admire its name write poems for mountain-climbing and sightseeing. As a key national scenic spot and the 4A class tourist attraction, Wugong Mountain is the outdoor sports camp for young people in China today.

Team honor consciousness was enhanced during this activity.All of us go forward hand in hand, support each other, step by step, turn around and look at the road we have climbed. A sense of achievement arises spontaneously, and so does our work, there are many unknown difficulties and obstacles in the way of climbing the peak. If we want to break through the limits of human beings, we must move forward with efforts and courage.