Recommended electric hot melt baler in 2021

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Recommended electric hot melt baler in 2021

With the rapid development of social economy, the rise of the packaging industry, many people in the purchase of electric hot melt baler when puzzled, the following to give you an analysis of how to choose electric heat shrink baler?Electric hot melt baler is mainly recommended according to the amount of packaging and packaging environment to recommend, there is no very good baler in the world, suitable is the key to you choose a baler.


1. The packing quantity is small, each set is less than 100 straps per day. Before, manual packing pliers are used to pack buckle.Small quantity and need a large pull can choose DD19, the maximum pull 4500N.

2, more than one hundred to five hundred straps, can use cost-effective domestic, can also choose to use imported baling machine.

3, more than 500 packaging, recommended to use imported ORT260 baler, stable performance maintenance times are relatively small, the packaging of customers is very small, an imported machine will not come to repair a few years, have seen a long time is 15 years of machine, to 21 years to repair once.


Of course, the current good is the OrT260 imported from Switzerland.If you have three kinds of machines in your factory, one is pneumatic, one is domestic electric, and one is Swiss imported electric, let the workers choose, the workers will never use pneumatic if they have electric, and they will not use domestic if they have imported.The design of imported machine is more humanized, one-button operation, easy to use, not tired, packaging faster.Workers with easy to use, packaging faster.