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ពេលវេលា: 2019-09-27 ទស្សនា: 260

With pallet strapping machine you have made the right decision: Whether large, small, wide or high: pallet strapping machine straps the packaging absolutely securely and reliably. Nothing wobbles or slides around, nothing falls to pieces. With pallet strapping machine you make the greatest possible contribution towards safety in the transport of packaged goods and pallets. The system with the chain lance is absolutely ingenious: The chain lance slides under the packaged goods carrying the strap with it, and feeds it back to the operator. The operator has only to take the strap and fit the sealing head, and the strap is then automatically tensioned and welded-finished! The manual strapping of pallets is amongst the activities in which workers have to bend most frequently: A worker has to bend over twice per strap and walk round the pallet once. For proper strapping using two straps, this means bending over four times and walking round the pallet twice. For 50 pallets per day, this means bending over 200 times and walking around the pallet 100 times. In one week, this totals bending over
1,000 times. Pallet strapping machine puts a stop to all this! 

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