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PET plastic steel belt procurement also have to see the following points

Tími: 2021-02-02 Skoðað: 40

PET plastic steel belt is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material, become the traditional steel wire, steel belt and other packaging alternatives, this multi-specification multi-color packaging belt, is widely used in a variety of industries, how to purchase qualified PET plastic steel packaging belt also have to pay attention to the following points.


One, determine the specifications.Goods according to the purpose, the packing weight and volume to determine purchase choice tech pack specifications (thickness, width, machine or hand), if heavy goods packaging choose relative width, thickness of smaller pack, will cause heavy goods may have dangerous package materil, lightweight goods if choose relative width, thickness of large packing tape, this can cause waste,Increase packaging costs.Here is a formula for reference - breaking tension = bandwidth * belt thickness * belt bag grade tension.

Two, determine the qualification of the manufacturer.Now packaging belt production market mixed, the production of product stability is very different.Hunan chuanli packaging has 11 years of experience in the industry, for the national 5 production bases [Hunan Changsha, Shandong Linyi, Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangzhou] service 5000+ users, in line with the quality of raw materials, advanced equipment, mature technology, strict management to do a good job in the quality of tape this matter.


3. After-sales service.When purchasing PET plastic steel belt, on the premise of paying attention to the quality, we should also pay attention to the after-sales service of packaging belt.A production-oriented enterprises out of the question is not terrible, terrible is out of the problem is not solved, and the creativity and the packaging is brick platform security unit, to the user to make quality assurance, if quality problems, provide corresponding video, images, solve, 24 hours free return, they bear the freight, let users to use the rest assured.