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Yuav ua li cas xaiv baler / baler kom raug?

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From the perspective of the consumer, when there is a need to buy baler/baler, how to choose correctly?No more than from the price cost, functional mode, use efficiency, after-sales maintenance, operational performance and other directions to choose, we give a few examples below. From the price cost, the price of imported electric baler is the highest, the price of domestic pneumatic baler is the lowest, the price of domestic electric baler belongs to the low price From the functional mode, the functional mode of the imported electric baler is the most complete and extensive, which can be applied to the packaging needs under different conditions;Domestic electric baler and pneumatic baler function mode are relatively single, tightening effect mostly can only rely on the operator's subjective feeling. From the point of use efficiency, after the electric baler is fully charged, it can usually pack more than 300 pieces and complete a process within 5S.The pneumatic baler must first ensure that the air source is sufficient, the length of the air pipe is matched with the field, and the packaging can be completed in more than 7S. From the after-sales maintenance, the imported electric baler in the service cycle fault is lower, but because the parts need to import the reason for the failure maintenance cost will be relatively high, the domestic baler service cycle failure rate is relatively frequent, often need repeated maintenance, the overall maintenance cost is not lower than the import. In terms of operation performance, it presents imported electric > domestic electric BBB>mestic pneumatic. From five aspects to analyze the baler/baler, the user can not blindly value the price when choosing the baler, the performance is appropriate, price acceptance is suitable for their own baler, I hope you use the user of the baler, for the baler has a preliminary concept, have their own choice.
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