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What brand of baler is good? What are the advantages?

સમય: 2021-04-15 હિટ્સ: 7

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With packaging more and more common, many bosses hesitate how to choose a baler, the following to give you a professional company to do baler - CHTPACK (Chuang Air) brand baler
.From the following aspects to introduce:

First, the strength of the company;CHTPACK is relying on in hunan packaging is a specialized in packing machine manufacturing, research and development, the trade company, hunan chuangli packaging was founded, the country's 5000 + customer service, involved in building materials, non-ferrous metal, paper mills, photovoltaic and other industries, adhering to the confidence, integrity, efficient, win-win business philosophy, for the customer, peer acclaim.Product types are rich, to meet the needs of various customers.According to the packing material classification, we have PET baler, PP baler, steel belt baler;According to the driving type of baler classification: we have electric, pneumatic, manual 3 types;According to the degree of technology: we have imported and domestic 2 types.

Two, only choose the right, do not choose expensive;Company request every sales is professional knowledge, rich source from the sales will be according to the customer's working environment, use frequency, and a few introduce to customer with appropriate packing machine, for customers to choose, the factory will have a unified professionals more than 20 times playing with debugging, customer after receiving the packer will telephone or WeChat tell customers how to use, how to maintenance and maintenance.

3. Worry-free after-sales service;Perfect after-sales service system, 5 professional after-sales engineers and perfect spare parts reserve, customers receive baler can get free video guidance, video fault judgment, back to the factory maintenance and other services, to ensure that you use at ease, with worry.

Four, baler now more and more manufacturers are doing, the choice of CHTPACK is not wrong!


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