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સમય: 2020-07-29 હિટ્સ: 61

The quality of manual strapping is relatively inferior to machine strapping, but it is also suitable for many occasions, because this kind of strap can save a lot in terms of production cost, and its price is naturally much cheaper, such as brick factories, building materials and other industries. In order to ensure the safety of packaging, machine strapping is generally used, and manual strapping is used only in the following special circumstances. The following lists some applicable conditions for hand straps:

1, Cargo weight: light

The load-bearing capacity of the manual strap is only 20-30KG, so if the goods are light, there will be no problems in the lifting process.

2, Cargo shape: irregular

Generally, large-scale packing equipment can only pack regular-shaped objects, while manual packing machines have no requirements on the shape of the goods. Any irregular shape can be used.

3, Packing difficulty: easy

There is no specialized packing worker, everyone can adapt quickly. The manual packing machine is the simplest type of packing machine, and anyone can master it quickly.

4. Estimated cost: low

The cost of some customers’ manufacturers is not high, and the amount of packing strap is not large. Using a manual packing machine with manual packing strap is most suitable for customers who want low packing costs. Although the efficiency is not as high as that of general electric and pneumatic packing machines, it is convenient to carry. Low cost, suitable for users with relatively small package volume.

 If your goods are light, irregular and have a low budget, and the amount of packaging is not large, then manual strapping must be your choice. On the one hand, it can save costs, on the other hand, it can effectively improve the packaging efficiency, killing two birds with one stone. Chuanghang Technology Co., Ltd. provides professional after-sales packaging to provide your products with safe, beautiful packaging solutions and save your labor costs.