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Brick factory baling equipment semiautomatic or automatic good

સમય: 2021-07-27 હિટ્સ: 13

With people's requirements for environmental protection and efficiency, brick factory baling equipment is more and more popular, many times the brick factory boss in the choice of baling equipment but do not know how to choose.In fact, it is very simple to buy equipment as an investment, how to meet their own production capacity in the case of spending less money is a factor that the majority of bosses need to consider.And we now recommend baling equipment to customers will generally ask the customer two questions: the first is the current production capacity of the brick factory?The second is how much to pack a day (full or partial packing).Through these two questions, we can clearly judge what kind of equipment is suitable for the use of the factory.


Generally speaking, for all the packaging of the brick factory, 150,000 output below the basic can consider the use of semi-automatic hanging basket equipment, more than 150,000 output can consider the installation of automatic hanging basket equipment (the above is the daily output of the folding label).For partial packaging customers, a set of semi-automatic hanging basket equipment can basically meet the daily production needs.We often see a lot of brick factory owners buy equipment thinking that the more money they spend, the faster the equipment will work. 


This is a wrong idea.Because in many people think: automatic work efficiency will be higher than semi-automatic work efficiency.But everyone is missing a very important factor -- labor.It is true that fully automatic equipment is more efficient than semi-automatic equipment when fully staffed.However, the packing efficiency of the two devices is similar in the case of insufficient personnel.Semi-automatic and automatic baling each has its own advantages, according to their own needs to choose the right brick bale machine is appropriate.