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YA19 Electric baler, high tension

Time: 2021-07-27 Hits: 33

With the rapid growth of China's economy, but also lead to our national brand and product self-research and development ability is also increasing, a variety of domestic products have rushed out, in our packaging industry is the same.As imported electric balers in the domestic packaging industry triggered a baling boom, there is a domestic electric baler also slowly set off unrest in China.

You may be curious which type of baler is this?YA19 electric baler is a large pull baler can be suitable for many industries, the following for you to do a simple introduction.There are several reasons why it is suitable for many industries:

1, the tension is large, the maximum tension value of this machine can reach 5500N, which is a lot of imported baler to the largest model to match the value, and its tension adjustment can be from 400N-5500N so many industries can use;


2, can be applied to a variety of models of packing belt, baler applicable bandwidth 12-19mm, with a thickness of 0.6-1.2mm, generally applicable to 12-16mm imported electric baler is still a lot of, but can be applied to 19 packing with very little, or it is very expensive so that customers prefer to choose manual packing;

3, the price is moderate, the current market import baler price at least 18000+, not only expensive, but also high maintenance costs, resulting in many customers are in the distance, and this baler price is about 4500 (according to the configuration is not the same);So it is favored by many customers.


Through this introduction I believe you have a lot of understanding of this machine, the product in the degree of automation has to do some improvement on the appearance, there will certainly be a little defect, please support domestic, I believe in the near future will be a breakthrough in this aspect.