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Plate automatic packaging line, is it worth buying?

Time: 2021-07-27 Hits: 3

With the development of the market, the labor cost and labor price are rising day by day, and the competition of plate products is also increasing, which leads to the decrease of the  competitiveness of user products. So how can we improve the competitiveness of products?Plate automatic packaging line is worth buying?Direct ways are as follows: 

1, reduce labor costs to reduce production costs;

2. Improve product differentiation and occupy market share


So in the way to reduce the production cost of products is to achieve product automation to reduce labor costs, there are a lot of users are consulting the way to solve the plate?There are also many customers who have adopted automatic packaging equipment because of the large production volume, but because the technology was not as good as now in the past few years, they want to further improve the packaging efficiency.


At present, the main use of wood is steel belt baling, a small number of people using plastic steel belt packaging.Then, it is carried by forklift truck, so it needs to be padded with wood under it. In addition, the wood can not be filled with water during transportation, so the film needs to be wrapped. Therefore, to realize these processes, the number of people is about 6-8, usually in two classes, so it needs 12-16 people.So every business owner is worried about this, and it requires a lot of labor costs.

We aimed at these technological process and efficiency requirement for users to make a set of complete solutions, from the plate production process to the complete packaging, combined with the user's views and requirements, lasted more than five months plan to discuss the finished plate production and installation of automatic packaging line, from the initial 48 people 2 line automatic packaging line to four guards machinery and equipment,And the labor intensity is greatly reduced, the cost of users to achieve a qualitative decline, so that users' products are also more competitive in the market, and reduce safety risks, improve production efficiency.