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እውነት የማሽኑ ቀበቶ ከፍተኛ ጥራት ያለው ነው?

ሰዓት: 2021-07-27 ዘይቤዎች: 14

With the packaging requirements for more and more high, machine packing belt this noun gradually appeared in your field of vision, many people have a common question, whether the machine with higher quality than hand with better quality?Let's take a closer look at this.

First of all, to introduce the packing requirements of the machine with belt and hand belt, hand belt is generally not paper core, machine belt must have a paper core, hand belt can be unpacked transportation, can also hit the transport, the machine with belt in order to protect the deformation, can only choose to hit the transport mode.

Then I will introduce to you the requirements of the belt.

1. Width tolerance, general national standard is plus or minus 0.5, thickness tolerance is generally plus or minus 0.06, verticality tolerance, (sickle bend is less than 12MM 150/2000).Here I will explain to you why to say this standard, because equipment packaging, packing belt width, thickness, straightness requirements will be higher, so as to wear the belt smoothly, does not affect the normal work of the machine.On the contrary, it will cause irreversible loss to the machine belt system and the nose.


2, material with use of pure material, cotton belt material more, looks simple sense is better, the hand with doped with different levels of secondary crushing material back, looking less luster, tensile and elongation will be less than the machine with different extent, so their specifications of the machine on the market with will be more expensive than with the specifications of the hand with the 800-1200 yuan per ton.


So the machine with higher quality is true, the overall specifications of the machine and the material are higher than the standard of the hand with the belt.