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ITA24 baler - new saviour for brick factories

Time: 2021-04-15 Hits: 87

With the development of market economy, the national policy supports the faster and faster development of the brick and tile industry. The brick and tile industry develops from small and dense to large and sparse. Moreover, the national policy of "protecting the blue sky" rapidly promotes the development of the cement block industry.

Hunan Chuangli Packaging Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise which is committed to researching, developing and serving packaging equipment and consumables in building materials industry.Company for domestic kiln enterprises consider the problem such as cost, safe, efficient, beautiful, combined with the accumulation of fifteen years of product development is suitable for the building materials industry quality brick factory dedicated PET packing belt, webbing and all kinds of manual packing machine, and develop innovative bricks automatic packaging equipment, now pack and equipment now fully into the market 10 years,To become one of the earliest domestic service tile industry enterprises.

The company has conducted an investigation on the cement block industry and found that more than 90% of the enterprises are using the way of pallet loading. There are the following problems: 1.2, tray breakage rate is large;3. Low pallet recovery rate;4, affect the transportation efficiency.

A cement and brick factory in Yuelu district of Hunan province has a daily output of 80,000, with a pallet recovery rate of about 70%.Find chuangli packaging to resolve the dilemma, the company according to the actual situation, design a without pallet packaging, using imported Italian ITA24 pack a way, greatly save the cost of the tray, and less clean water area, efficiency is also improved, not only save the cost, and improve the corporate image